AWS: Naming UNIX instances


Generating meaningful hostnames without human intervention.


Uniquely identify instance by its purpose, environment (qa, prod, stage, dev) & location .

One solution

1) Query the ec2 metadata service for indentifiers.

2) Generate and set a unique hostname.

Optionally, the instace may register its hostname in DNS using an api, nsupdate, etc.


Pseudocode for instance boot

(As with all code on OTN, details and error handling have been removed for clarity. Do not execute as is!)

#### generate a unique hostname at boot ####
az=$(curl -s $metadata/placement/availability-zone/ | awk -F- '{print $3}')
region=$(curl -s $metadata/placement/availability-zone/ | awk -F- '{print $2}')
lastoctet=$(curl -s $metadata/local-ipv4 | awk -F. '{print $4}')
hostname=$(echo "${service}${environment}-$az-$lastoctet.$region.$domain")
hostname $(echo $hostname)
/u/local/bin/register-instance-dns $hostname
exit $?

To permanently set the hostname on a RHEL/CentOS system, /etc/sysconfig/network should be updated.

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