FOOD: Oldtimey Chicken Wings

Detailed instructions for grilling crispy chicken wings with the help of some clay bricks and hot sauce.


chicken wings
clay bricks (1 for every 4-5 wings)
aluminum foil
vegetable oil
franks(tm) hot sauce
charcoal grill
plain charcoal (no lighter fluid!)
charcoal chimney
wood chips


rinse and drain wings for 30m
soak wings in hot sauce for 2-24 hrs


fill chimney with coals
light chimney
dump coals onto lower grill grate
arrange coals evenly, 1 coal high
replace top grate
heat and clean grate with wire brush
wipe top grate with paper+vegetable oil
wrap each brick in aluminum foil (optional for sterile, surgical-grade bricks:)


arrange wings in an even fashion, top down
place 1 brick atop each group of 4-5 wings

the wings will release fat in the first few minutes of cooking, so dont leave the grill yet.

stand nearby and watch for flare-ups. if this happens, remove the bricks and flip each wing.
move less cooked wings towards the hot spot, and crispier pieces away from the heat.
add a few wood chips to the fire and flip, rearrange every 20minutes.

cook at low heat for a total of 60minutes. it may be necessary to add a few more coals during the cooking process. do not add coals if using ready-light charcoal soaked in lighter fluid .


tandoori seasoning also works well as a replacement for hot sauce

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