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    OldSkool DJ SetsOldSkool DJ Sets

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    OldSkool DJ Sets..

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    Over the last 20+ years i have collected 1000s of DJ Sets, I have decided to share them online.

    **The audio quality of these sets vary. In the old days we use to have analog tape cassettes ;) so most of the pre-digital releases are tape rips, some are good quality and some not so good..

    ** Over time i plan on uploading all the sets i have starting with pre 1989 sets and moving onto the next year etc.., but bare with me as its a long ongoing process ;)

    From Top Buzz to Grooverider to Frankie Knuckles to Paul Oakenfold to Sasha & John Digweed, Just to name a few of the hundreds of DJs that ill be uploading.

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    Thanks for listening.

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