RANTS: The ways in which Spotify disappoints me

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I was gifted a spotify subscription and find myself using the service often.

However, I’m increasingly annoyed with the product and find myself wondering if I will continue as a paying customer.

The AWOL track scenario

You’ve found a song you love and play every day. But one day its missing from your device list, despite being sync’d in offline mode.

What happened? The track was pulled for legal or business reasons without explanation. Had the file been downloaded as an mp3 you would still have a copy.

Poof, your favorite song is gone!

The eyes, they burn!

Just as I settle in, the web interface gets a major makeover with eye-straining white-font-on-black-background . An option to reverse colors seems like a reasonable request.

If it ain’t broke..

They removed ‘starring’ which was a feature I used extensively. Starring was a way that I tagged interesting songs for later review. Sure it was just a fancy playlist, but once again they turned a 1 click operation into several (‘star track’ vs ‘add to playlist, select playlist’ ) .

The display of playlist entries has quite a bit of latency even on a powerful system, with titles being rendered in a delayed fashion.


Is this yet another great service ruined by poor judgement, or will these issues be resolved? Given the pushback by the company thus far, I’m not terribly hopeful.


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